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Reezoldini Jericho S4 Speakers


REEZOLDINI Jericho S4 bookshelf speakers produce high quality sound. Clear and transparent highs, perfect microdynamics, open mids, decent bass. Elegant looks.


Systems are encased in a minimalistic design, austere in its own way, therefore the speakers may easily fit in both high-tech or minimalist, and classic room designs.


The signature of REEZOLDINI Jericho M speaker systems is the realism of the music it delivers, the widest versatility in genres, large dynamic range, high accuracy of the details, spatial impression, purity, and power. REEZOLDINI Jericho M speaker system is incredibly music-oriented, these speakers convey emotions really well and are capable of giving you a unique musical experience.


Jericho S4 is a 2-way speaker system. Two active Scan-Speak drivers and two passive Scan-Speak revelator radiators manufactured at the request of Reezoldini are installed in the speakers. Such powering of the speakers provides solid linearity, gives excellent depth, attack, and articulation of bass. Drivers of the same size and type have the same response rate of their moving elements, and therefore they give synchronous response and wide directional pattern. Identical tone pattern of all drivers has a beneficial effect on sound.


Filters with split frequency of 2,400 Hz are used in REEZOLDINI Jericho S4 — the upper one of the third order, the lower one of the second order. Inductance coils are large with an air core.


The cabinet of Jericho M is made of MDF. Wall thickness ranges from 25 to 43 mm. The front panel is a 16 mm solid aluminum plate with milled openings for the drivers. The front panel is attached to the cabinet through a soundproofing compound.


Finishing colour for the Standard option: Black Apricot Veneer with aluminum panel. Custom enamel colour (1500 options) or cabinet veneer finishing (44 options) are available.


Warranty for REEZOLDINI Jericho S4 Speakers is 5 years.

Reezoldini Jericho S4 Speakers
Set contents2 loudspeakers
System Type2-Way
Impedance4 Om
Frequency response45 - 32500 Hz
Weight Each11,4 kg
Sensitivity88 dB
Recommended power amplifier20 - 200 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm180 x 360 x 252
Available Finishes Over 1,500 types of finishing (veneer, enamels, lacquer)
Acoustical radiationMonopolar
Enclosure typeBookshelf, passive, passive radiator
PurposeBookshelf Speakers
Cable ConnectionGold plated binding post / 4mm Plugs, mono-wiring
Warranty5 years


REEZOLDINI Jericho S4 speakers were granted the “TOP High End 2018 Product of the Year” Award

REEZOLDINI Jericho S4 is incredible in playing classical music even at a lower volume.

Viktor Gorbatov, STEREO.RU Magazine, 2019




High Gloss Black

piano lacquer

High Gloss White

piano lacquer

Satin Black


Satin White




REEZOLDINI Audio speaker systems may be finished with 44 types of veneer. Finishing may be glossy or matte.


Finishing may be combined and may consist of different materials and coatings.


In addition to the finishing options indicated in our catalog, you may order a finishing made of unique wood species exclusively for you.


When ordering individual exclusive finishing, the cost of a speaker system will be increased.

1 Zebrano 50 SE

2 Zebrano 18 DS

3 Zebrano 3S

1 Wenge VD 51

2 Wenge 591 Q

3 Wenge 3Q (fleece)

Walnut E 1

Walnut 28 S

1 Tick P 39

2 Tick 318 Q

3 Tick 162 Q

Rosewood 372 S

Poplar Macore R75

Pine 11Q

Oliva 24 SE

1 Oak With Platinum

2 Oak With Platinum 38E

3 Oak Whitened 5 BDS

4 Oak Root B 072

5 Oak Radial 29 Q

6 Oak Black 15 DSE

7 Oak 5219 SM

8 Oak 607 S (fleece)

9 Oak 605 (S)

1 Cherry Root 8

2 Cherry Radal CH (S)

3 Cherry Dark CH(B)

4 Cherry 107 S

1 Eben 115 Q

2 Eben 071 DS

3 Eben 064 DS

5 Cherry Root AR 01

10 Oak 49 PE

11 Oak 19 S

12 Oak 15 S

13 Oak 5 BSM

6 Cherry 9 S

Bird Eye Golden GBE

Beech White 99 Q

Beech Pink 95 Q

Ash 83 Q

Apricot Black BA S

Anegri 512Q



Over 1,500 color options. The coating may be glossy or matte.


Jericho series started with the production of Jericho M. Jericho M speakers are designed as a junior floor-standing reference stereo speaker system. The assembly technology of this series is quite complicated. Big deal of hand work. Jericho speakers was first presented in 2018 at the High End Show 2018. At this exhibition, the Jericho M speakers were granted the TOP HIGH END “Product of the Year” Award. Currently, other types of speakers are being developed in this series so it would be possible to assemble a premium-class cinema kit. The main advantage of Jericho M speakers is the highest quality sound with the elegant appearance in cabinets of relatively small size.

Reezoldini R3FS speaker system


The Jericho M speakers, akin to a biblical character, stunned many music lovers with their sound. The initial batch has been sold out at the Hi-Fi & High End Show 2019 exhibition on the first day.
With elegant looks, small size, fantastic bass and musical sense, Jericho M has a massive appeal to the music fans.


REEZOLDINI Jericho M speakers may be equipped with REEZOLDINI Jericho precision speaker cables, which were developed specifically for this series of speakers. Jericho cables are able to unlock the full potential of technical excellence of these systems. The use of a specially designed speaker cable allows achieving the maximum sound quality of this speakers.

REEZOLDINI Jericho cable provides high quality audio signal transmission and sounds at the TOP level of cable production.

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