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Speaker Cables Reezoldini


Cables REEZOLDINI are designed to provide a uniform tonal balance and high resolution of the entire audio system, which gives them the ability to fully unleash the potential of technical perfection of sound equipment, as well as to ensure high quality audio transmission at the TOP level.


The sound with the finest nuances of a musical soundtrack, throwing open the soul of the performer and sound engineer, revealing the character of the vocalist.


Ideally, when cables of a single brand, series, technology, and resolution (Speaker, Interconnects, AC Power) are used in the setup. This solution allows obtaining the maximum result in sound quality.


As a result of patient work, the maximum possible resolution of the smallest details of music has been achieved with minimal effect of cable products on tonal balance and sound signature.


REEZOLDINI cables are manufactured with the help of two core technologies: Master and Jericho. The developers of REEZOLDINI made every effort to obtain the highest possible detail of the sound with the right tonal balance and composure of the music, not allowing the music to scatter into separate sounds due to the high resolution.


This is a complex manual work. One three-meter pair of speaker cable takes 8-10 weeks of work of two qualified engineers. The output of the ends of the speaker cable is made from an array of natural oak, which is pleasant to touch.


What is the difference between Jericho and Master cables? In the Jericho technology, the skin effect is further reduced, the tonal balance is even more aligned, and the cable capacity is further enhanced. This is especially observed in the vocals of high-quality soundtracks.


Due to the complexity of the assembly technology, the maximum possible length of REEZOLDINI cables should be no more than 20-25 meters. When calculating the cost of cables with a length exceeding 10 meters, the appreciation factor is applied.