REEZOLDINI Testimonials

Naim Audio

Mark Ragett & Paul Bennett
… REEZOLDINI Jericho M brings out such strong emotions that it even makes me cry


Boris Eshkind
… signature sound of REEZOLDINI speakers is recognized even by phone


Sergey Gudim
…  I definitely like the sound of REEZOLDINI speakers

Tarim Audio

Alex Tarim
… one should be ready for such realism

AudioVideo Salon

Nikolay Efremov
… not a glimpse of synthetics, acoustic instruments are as if in front of you in the room … the third dimension clearly takes its shape in the stage, whereupon, some sounds are positioned even by height…

What Hi-Fi?

Mikhail Borzenkov
… REEZOLDINI have a great sound … Russian manufacturers that I recommend can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and fingers will still remain there …


Maxim Naumov
…REEZOLDINI speakers have surprisingly large, solid bass, and in the same time, high rate of fire and dynamics, the way how Antonio achieves it is a mystery…


Marco Sabbatini
… this is an excellent sound, I can definitely say one thing, the sound of the REEZOLDINI speakers make goose bumps appear all over my body…

Embedded Systems

Natalia Nikolaenko
… this is a feeling of live instruments … listening to music on this speakers, I hear the vocalist’s chords vibrating … REEZOLDINI are excellent speakers …